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We currently offer various advertising campaigns to help your business reach investors in the cryptocurrency community. We can offer targeted campaigns via ad placement, press releases, sponsored blog post,s and social push through a growing network of Instagram influencers in the cryptocurrency space.

The Cryptobase was established in early 2017 in line with the last major cryptocurrency boom of 2017-2018. The Cryptobase platform quickly gathered traction with front page Organic Google rankings as well as leveraging social media outreach and email campaigns.

The Cryptobase is dedicated bringing up to date news, trading insights, “How To” user guides, and an in-depth view into all things cryptocurrency and alt-coins. We serve as a database for you, your family, and your friends to gain knowledge and insight into the world of Cryptocurrency.

Our platform caters mainly to cryptocurrency investors, evangelists, and first-time buyers from around the world. We serve 60k+ page views each month. Our main audience comes from the US (42.50%), followed by United Kingdom (7.47%), Netherlands (3.59%), Canada (3.46%), Australia (2.26%), and Germany (2.83%).

Users on our website are highly engaged with an avg. time on site of 2:30 minutes. Our mailing list includes 2,500+ subscribers. We have over 2,400+ Instagram followers and multiple influencers accounts currently active and releasing content.

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