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How To Sign Up, Buy & Trade On Binance 2018

binance-mobile-app how to guide

How To Sign Up And Start Trading Cryptocurrency With Binance!

What is Binance and why you should open an account today?

In just 5 short months Binance has become the 10th largest cryptocurrency exchange. This incredible accomplishment can be credited to them: catering to multiple languages, offering a sleek user friendly interface, and most importantly an extremely high throughput (processing speed.)

Please note Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange only and does not current allow use of fiat currency.

Why should you start an account today?

Binance is growing at such a rapid pace that it is on track to easily be the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Due to this Binance offers many of the newer ICOS in comparison to other large exchanges who offer limited selections. So in a nutshell if you are having that feeling of missing out odds are you can currently obtain those coins and if not it may just be a matter of time. Because of its massive trading volume it often offers a better price, better profitability, and a better probability of your sell/buy orders being filled quickly.

How do I set up an Binance account?

Step one

Go to Binance’s website

Step two

Complete the registration process by selecting the “Register” button in the upper right.

  • Fill out all the appropriate fields with your information.
  • Please note is for the best security create a long unrelated password with a mixture of upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols.

Binance sign up page how to

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Verify yourself and select Register.

  • Binance will send you an email verification.

Step three

Enable two step verification

  • Upon your first log in Binance will prompt you to set up a two step verification method.

Download an Authenticator app from your mobile App Store.


How do I start trading?

Step One

Select the “Funds” button on the top right hand side. Select the “Deposit/Withdrawal” option.

Step Two

Search the coin you would like to deposit into Binance to trade.

  • Please note the most efficient way to trade is in either Ethereum or Bitcoin, if you use another coin you may need to exchange it to Ethereum or Bitcoin with Binance to execute your trade.

Once you have the coin you want selected simply click the “Deposit” button to the right hand side of the coin. This will give you the receiving address in which to send the coin.

Step Three

Transfer your coins to the provided address.

Now that you have the receiving address. You open your wallet and select send.

  • Place the generated address from step two in the receiving field.
  • Select the amount of coin you want to transfer and hit send.

Step Four

To monitor the transfer simply go back to the Funds tab and select “History” this will show all the statuses of your transfer. Once the transfer is completed you can locate it in the Funds tab under “Deposit/withdrawal” by searching your coin.

Step Five

Now that you have a balance with Binance you can start trading by selecting the “Exchange” tab in the upper left hand corner.

  • Select basic or advanced to be taken to the Exchange (Use advanced to set bids and stop losses)

Step Six

On the right hand side of the exchange select the type of coin you are trading BTC or ETH. Once selected simply search for the coin you would like to exchange.

  • Please note if your coin is currently not BTC or ETH you will have to exchange

By selecting the sell section in the bottom middle of the page. Then select market enter the amount you would like to exchange and select sell. The screen will tell you it was successful and you now have an ETH or BTC balance to use.

Once you have a ETH or BTC repeat the above steps except use the Buy section!

Need help setting up your Binance account? Leave a comment or email us with any questions!

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Binance CEO Makes Rare Price Prediction On When To Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin, along with the surging wider cryptocurrency market, has had an incredible start to the year.

The bitcoin price has rallied around 50% since January 1, with some smaller cryptocurrencies making surprise triple-digit percentage gains, and many bitcoin bulls think it still has further to gothough problems could be on the horizon.

Now, Changpeng Zhao, the widely-respected founder and chief executive of the world’s biggest bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has broken his rule against market forecasting to predict “the bitcoin price will likely increase.”

“I personally believe the halving has not been priced in,” Changpeng Zhao, often known simply as CZ, told bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain video news site BlockTV this week, adding he “doesn’t usually give market predictions” because he will be wrong “50% of the time.”

Bitcoin traders and investors have begun gearing up for the looming May bitcoin halving event, among other positive bitcoin developments expected this year, when the coin reward for mining new bitcoin blocks is scheduled to drop from 12.5 bitcoin to 6.25 bitcoin–cutting the supply of new bitcoin coming onto the market by half.

There have already been two bitcoin halvings since bitcoin launched in 2009, one in 2012 and another in 2016. Bitcoin halvings are scheduled to continue roughly once every four years until the maximum supply of 21 million bitcoins has been generated by the network, something that won’t happen until well into the next century.

Whether the upcoming bitcoin halving has been “priced in” by the market has become a controversial issue among investors. Generally, in well-developed markets, equity, commodities and currencies are priced based on future expectations—suggesting that as bitcoin traders and investors are aware of the May halving, the price will have already made the gains related to it.

CZ disagrees, however, telling BlockTV: “The market is not efficient. Most people don’t get information quickly. People need a lot of time to let concepts sink in and adjust.”

Many are hoping the 2020 bitcoin halving will see a repeat of the last cut to supply. Bitcoin prices doubled in 2016 and soared 13-fold the following year.

However, CZ warned that “historic events do not predict future events, so don’t take that too literally,” but explained the bitcoin halving will mean “it costs miners almost double what it does now to produce one bitcoin. Psychologically, those miners won’t be willing to sell below that price.”

“New bitcoin coming to market will be severely limited and at the same time we’re seeing more users and traders coming in.”

“Economic theory tells us that the bitcoin price will likely increase but this is just the theory and hard to predict,” CZ said, adding he’s feeling “pretty positive.”

Meanwhile, the number of people searching Google for the term “bitcoin halving” has been steadily rising along with the bitcoin price.

Analysts at Arcane Research found last month that an increase in searches could be a sign bitcoin’s halving will recapture the wider public interest in bitcoin and crypto that catapulted the bitcoin price to around $20,000 in 2017.

Many other bitcoin and cryptocurrency market watchers share CZ’s enthusiasm, though some think it could be other factors that push up the bitcoin price.

“I still think that bitcoin will hit $100,000 by end of December 2021,” Anthony Pompliano, the cofounder of bitcoin and crypto investment group Morgan Creek Digital, said last month, pointing to bitcoin’s “fixed supply” and “increasing demand” as the reason for bitcoin’s performance.

Elsewhere, others are not so upbeat—with the the chief executive of China-based investment advisory group RockTree Capital last month forecasting we could see the bitcoin price dip.

This Article Originally Appeared In Forbes

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33 CryptoCurrencies In 4 Words Or Less

We put together this list to describe the top cryptocurrencies that are worth your time in 2019.

Each gets four words. There are many!

Hopefully this provides orientation.

Scroll Down To View An Awesome Infographic from!


Name            | Sym.  | Description                              
Bitcoin         | BTC   | Digital gold                             
Ethereum        | ETH   | Programmable contracts and money         
Bitcoin Cash    | BCH   | Bitcoin clone                            
Ripple          | XRP   | Enterprise payment settlement network    
Litecoin        | LTC   | Faster Bitcoin                           
Dash            | DASH  | Privacy-focused Bitcoin clone            
NEO             | NEO   | Chinese-market Ethereum                  
NEM             | XEM   | Batteries-included digital assets        
Monero          | XMR   | Private digital cash                     
Ethereum Classic| ETC   | Ethereum clone                           
IOTA            | MIOTA | Internet-of-things payments              
Qtum            | QTUM  | Ethereum contracts on Bitcoin            
OmiseGO         | OMG   | Banking, remittance, and exchange        
Zcash           | ZEC   | Private digital cash                     
Lisk            | LSK   | Decentralized applications in JavaScript 
Cardano         | ADA   | Layered currency and contracts           
Tether          | USDT  | Price = 1 USD                            
Stellar Lumens  | XLM   | Digital IOUs                             
EOS             | EOS   | Decentralized applications on WebAssembly
Stratis         | STRAT | Decentralized applications in C#         
Electroneum     | ETN   | Monero clone                             
Bytecoin        | BCN   | Privacy-focused cryptocurrency           
Ardor           | ARDR  | Blockchain for spawning blockchains      
Binance Coin    | BNB   | Pay Binance exchange fees                
Augur           | REP   | Decentralized prediction market          
Decred          | DCR   | Bitcoin with alternative governance      
TenX            | PAY   | Cryptocurrency credit card               
BitShares       | BTS   | Decentralized exchange                   
Golem           | GNT   | Rent other people's computers            
PIVX            | PIVX  | Inflationary Dash clone                  
TRON            | TRX   | In-app-purchases                         
Vertcoin        | VTC   | Bitcoin clone                            
MonaCoin        | MONA  | Japanese Dogecoin

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DOGECOIN Gets Listed On Binance, Skyrockets 30%!

Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that today it will list dogecoin (DOGE) in a post on its website on July 5.

Starting at noon UTC today, the following dogecoin pairs will start being traded on the exchange: DOGE/BNB, DOGE/BTC, DOGE/USDT, DOGE/PAX, and DOGE/USDC. Furthermore, users can already deposit their dogecoin on the exchange in preparation for the trading.

As of press time, it looks like the coin in question reacted by reporting significant gains. DOGE is up about 31% over the last 24 hours, and most of the gains have been registered in about 30 minutes.

Interested In Purchasing DOGE Through Binance? Click Here To Sign Up For Binance!

Want To Learn How To Buy DOGE? Learn Here!

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